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When operating as intended Your Christian Stewardship Trust Offered Here “Is A” and “Is For”:

  1. Asset Protection Trust – to Protect Your Churches’ and Ministries’ or Families’ Assets
  2. Tax Immune or Tax Exempt Trust – the trust is Protected By the First Amendment From Government Taxing Law Regulations Because it is an Establishment of the Christian Religion
  3. Private Trust – you can hold property in privacy
  4. Christian Business Trust – for Christian Business People
  5. Christian Church Assembly Trust – for Believers and Followers of Jesus Christ/Yeshua HaMashiach
  6. Christian Estate Planning Trust – as a Christian Inheritance Vehicle
  7. Christian Ministry Trust – for  Christian Ministries to be Free From Unconstitutional Controls
  8. Non Reporting Trust – Again Protected By the First Amendment From Government Taxing Laws and is Non-reporting for Tax Purposes Because it is an Establishment of the Christian Religion
  9. Christian Church Auxiliary Assemblies Trust – for Church Business and Ministries Through Auxiliary Assemblies
  10. Christian Family Trust – for Christian Families Wanting to Establish Christian Family Estate Planning
  11. And much much more.

Do you Need a Pure Trust, Business Trust, for Privacy, Asset Protection and Tax Relief for your Christian religion oriented church, ministry or church assembly auxiliary business?


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Christian Church and Family Business Common-Law Pure Trust