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Instant access to our report to help you learn more about Trusts, Law, and what the Wealthy, the Government, and Attorneys have hidden in plain sight. 

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Initial Strategic Consultation

After reading the report, an Initial Strategic Consultation is your next step to a successful roadmap to private asset protections, running a private business and/or church/ministry assembly, and setting up and operating a Private Member Association Assembly. 

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Normal Price $149.97 - For a Limited Time Only $19.97 with code am1stnft

Apply for an Initial Consultation, Normally $149.97
For a Limited time For Only $19.97
with code AM1STNFT

For a limited time, We're offering a deep discount on our initial consult application. Submit your application to see if you qualify.

An initial strategic consultation will bring clarity and help you understand your options

You Will Get all these benefits if you're selected For An Initial Strategic Consultation

Benefit #1

We will work with you to understand your current situation, experience, goals and expected outcomes.

Benefit #2

If we can help, we will discuss options that fit your needs and budget.

Benefit #3

Offer and discuss a package plan or custom tailor a plan to suit your goals and budget.

Let us serve you and your family needs

Our Christian Stewardship Trust, Common Law Trust, Pure Trust, and/or Private Member Association Assembly (PMAs) are available singly or in multiples starting at $3,997 USD. We are willing to discuss discounts for multiple Trusts, Packages, or Custom Solutions. Pricing and available package options are subject to change. Payment installment plans available.

Trust Consultation Special

Normally $149.97, For A Limited Time For Only $19.97
With Code AM1STNFT - Auto Applied

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