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Christian Common Law Business Trust

When operating as intended Your Christian Stewardship Trust Offered Here “Is A” and “Is For”:

  1. Asset Protection Trust – to Protect Your Churches’ and Ministries’ or Families’ Assets
  2. Tax Immune or Tax Exempt Trust – the trust is Protected By the First Amendment From Government Taxing Law Regulations Because it is an Establishment of the Christian Religion
  3. Private Trust – you can hold property in privacy
  4. Christian Business Trust – for Christian Business People
  5. Christian Church Assembly Trust – for Believers and Followers of Jesus Christ/Yeshua HaMashiach
  6. Christian Estate Planning Trust – as a Christian Inheritance Vehicle
  7. Christian Ministry Trust – for  Christian Ministries to be Free From Unconstitutional Controls
  8. Non Reporting Trust – Again Protected By the First Amendment From Government Taxing Laws and is Non-reporting for Tax Purposes Because it is an Establishment of the Christian Religion
  9. Christian Church Auxiliary Assemblies Trust – for Church Business and Ministries Through Auxiliary Assemblies
  10. Christian Family Trust – for Christian Families Wanting to Establish Christian Family Estate Planning
  11. And much much more.


Do you Need a Pure Trust, Business Trust, for Privacy, Asset Protection and Tax Relief for your Christian religion oriented church, ministry or church assembly auxiliary business?

Sounds Like you need the Non-statutory Christian Stewardship Business Trust which is discussed on this site. This type of entity is a non 501c3 express common law trust or contract trust based unincorporated business organization, and is versatile, so it can be used for most types of non-licensed businesses, ministries and church activities. For more information call 1 (914) 357-4928.

With the Christian Stewardship Common Law Business Pure Trust you get the benefits of a Common Law Business Trust right to contract and is is a non 501c3 christian trust so you get the benefit of the First Amendment to the constitution right of the Christian establishment of religion to be free from government controls and man made laws.

A common law Pure Trust Organization, sometimes called a True Trust or Unincorporated Contractual Organization (UCO), or Unincorporated Business Organization (UBO), Massachusetts trust, business common law trust, gets its existence from fundamental law which pre-dates American legislative statute, and is thereby exempt from regulation by legislative statute. A religious trust is similar to it but they are regulated by statutes.

It is similar in the case of establishments of the Christian religion. The Black’s Law Dictionary defines the Christian Church establishment as a form of government; it says, “Church. … the religious society founded and established by Jesus Christ, … a body of communicants gathered into church order; body or community of Christians, united under one form of government…. (Black’s Law Dictionary, 1990; 6th Edition, page 242).  The Christian common law trust is based on a pre-existing form of government of which the founding fathers said congress shall make no law, so it is outside of statutory controls.

A Christian Stewardship Trust law can provide protection from taxation, probate, and government codes rules and regulations. It operates under the laws of the God of Israel, the laws embodied in the Holy Bible.

Property held in this type of Christian Stewardship Pure Trust is generally free from, taxes, liens, levies and regulations imposed by federal or State government agencies.

Properly written Christian pure trust can erect a protective wall around your assets and make a man or woman or Church, or Ministry, etc… pretty much judgment-proof, because a christian business trust can not be held liable for your debts, nor can you be held liable for the debts of a the trust.

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