Voluntary Private Membership Assembly Association Benefits

Benefits of Managed Solutions/(Services) through a Private Voluntary Association Assembly Membership Group

A PMAA ( Sometimes Referred to as a Private Membership Association – and herein also termed “PMA”) can function without dependence on any legal agency for its construction, activity or ongoing presence. Private Member Associations Assembly PMAAs have many advantages. They generally have immunity to public rules, regulations and rulings from local, state and federal administrative bodies.

A PMAA is a private voluntary association and exclusive group of members that have the same goals and interests. It is an opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals who share similar challenges and successes. By joining a PMA, you are able to benefit from the collective knowledge and resources of the group, thus increasing your chances of success.

Access to Resources: With creating a PMA your members (your customers/patrons) can have access to your resources, or provide to other members resources, that are not generally available to the public. Members can receive discounts on goods (products) and solutions (services), use shared resources and collaborate with each other to increase their visibility and success.

Knowing the advantages provided by a PMA, it is no surprise why savvy, perceptive, people and associations decide on using a PMA as a way to move forward with starting and/or continuing their business. By getting a PMA done for your business or ministry or social community, your business establishment can offer members/customers/patrons better access to a network of peers and resources that can help them increase their profits, gain more visibility and further theirs and your success and goals.

Unhindered Product Awareness: By forming a PMA, members (you and your customers/patrons) can gain access to a larger pool of potential customers or discounts and other perks. The members are more likely to purchase products and services that have been advertised within the association’s network.

Private Membership Groups (PMAs) present numerous advantages for entrepreneurs and all types of business owners, ministry leaders, and community leaders. This includes fiscal insulation from government oversight and initiatives, improved assurance of member rights and liberties and privacy.

In addition to improved marketing opportunities as well as higher yields due to unhindered product awareness and sharing/dissemination of more information related to the benefits of the goods/(products) or solutions/(services) that may normally have to be withheld because of fear of government restrictions, but such restrictions don’t apply in a private voluntary association membership assembly group. Knowing the advantages provided by a PMA, it is no surprise why enlightened associations are deciding on this choice as a way to restructure and continue their business going forward or start a business or ministry or social community effort.

PMAs increase the liberty among members to teach the truth about topics related to goods (products) and solutions (services) unencumbered by government agencies regulations.

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to increase your profits and boost visibility for your business. Forming a private membership association (PMA) could be just the opportunity you’re looking for to help you achieve those goals.

Yes, an advantage that emanates from being part of a PMA is having increased income safely as one can freely voice his/her opinion on Goods and Solutions/(Services) or politics and sensitive social matters without any external pressures and influence such as from bureaucracy or government control.

PMAs offer more space for innovation when it comes to advertising, marketing and operation of your business without constraints on wording or viewpoint in front of customers because of government agencies. With the ability to reveal truth regarding goods (products)/solutions (services) without censoring yourself come higher sales figures and increased gains with more safe from a lot of government agents and agencies having corporate, or other public entity, inroads and obligations to easily hassle and bother you about.

Protections From Government Interference:

Examples About PMAs

Private associations, such as drinking clubs in Texas, are a prime example. Since the end of prohibition in 1933, local governments have been authorized to control the sale of alcohol. In some states like Texas, counties and cities may forbid selling liquor. There are 46 dry counties out of 254 in Texas where it is not allowed to sell it. Nonetheless, you can find nearly any restaurant in those same dry counties where you can become a member of their private club so they can serve alcohol even though prohibited by law!

PMAs provide a higher level of Protection from orders, rules, confinements, license fees, assessments, and public statutes than most other business models like corporations and the like or similar models.

For instance if you runs a health, or education, home services, or entertainment etc… related business (or most any other type of business) it is not subject to many Federal and State government rules that other like businesses may be required to be under. With a PMA you can conduct your health, or education, home services, or entertainment etc… (or most any other type of business) association beyond the legal oversight of federal and state government and institutions for matters within the private group.

PMA status for your business can help you retain full secrecy regarding the financial progress of your venture. Business people and ministries etc…, can take advantage of exclusive PMA structuring and drive up profits easier, compared to regulated organizations because of less government agency interference.

With operating a PMA one can experience greater peace of mind knowing you can stay active in an ever-changing legal setting since changes in codes, rules and regulations, etc…, by and large do not affect the PMA Assembly. PMAs gain increased protection from the unrelenting changes in laws and governmental affairs.

PMAs are generally insulated from public laws and regulations, the only exception is if any action poses a “clear and present danger” (National Security issues) to Congress, it will be subject to scrutiny.

Private Collaborations: PMAs are composed of members that can contribute to each other’s success. Members can benefit greatly from the collaboration, advice, and potential business opportunities the group provides. This can prove extremely useful in helping businesses stay competitive. PMAs provide diversified levels of safeguard including fiscal insulation in certain situations. PMAs Provide greater privacy concerning economic and business operations of your group proceedings.

When communicating with members of PMAs, individuals can assert their right to privacy, freedom of speech, and other associated constitutional liberties. This permits people in the PMA group to more openly and safely advertise regarding the devices or products they offer, presenting facts concerning user experience. This enables them to access creative advertising techniques as well as increased revenue opportunities due to heightened product awareness whilst keeping within the confines of common law requirements to not be intentionally deceitful.

When creating your PMA rather than operating within a legal grey area based on codes, rules and regulation, etc…, you can lean on Constitutional language that has been decided upon by the Supreme Court that protects your freedom of speech and privacy and security from government interference(s). So people can instead of relying on a legal loophole engage in PMAA activities utilizing a lawful exclusion made by the fundamental law of the nation, e.g., the Supreme Court decisions and verdicts declared based on the U.S.A. Constitution.

So if you want a powerful private way to conduct your business, ministry, or social group a PMAA under our Christian Stewardship Trust is the way to go.